When it comes to property, they say the three most important things are location, location and location!  We agree, and we believe that when you come and stay with us you will agree that we got our location exactly right!

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Our Location

Mesogios House Suites Wave

Just a five-minute stroll from the sea and the famous Finikoudes (Palm Tree) Beach and Promenade, with its many restaurants and bars. We are located on the most prestigious and quite neighbourhood of Larnaca. Just 5 minutes walk from all amenities. Also within a 5-minute walk is Larnaca’s central shopping district with its many boutique and unique stores. All this, and just a 15-minute drive from Larnaca International Airport.


“Very nice quiet place, close to marina. Few nice shops and restaurants in few minutes from apartments.”

Alexander, IsraelBooking.com, June 2021

"The property was situated 10 min walk from the beach of the town centre.”

Daniel, UKBooking.com, July 2021

"The location is near many restaurants and near the marine and the beach.”

Lynn, IsraelBooking.com, April 2021

“Located in a quiet residential area, at a 5 - 10 min drive from the most touristic area and near a good Italian restaurant.”

Luis H, MexicoTripAdvisor, Jan. 2020

“Lovely boutique hotel nestled in a quiet street. A short walk to beaches, restaurants, coffee shops and retail area.

Katielittlered87, UKTripAdvisor, April 2021

“Excellent location in Larnaca, shops restaurants and bakery all within easy walking distance.”

Pete AlisonGoogle, April 2021

About Larnaca

Mesogios House Suites Wave

Sitting right on the Mediterranean Sea, Larnaca brings together architectural and natural beauty,  entertainment and nightlife, restaurants and bars, boutique shopping and rich history. Larnaca, initially known as Kition is the oldest living city of Cyprus and the 16th oldest city in the world which has continuously been inhabited since the city was founded 6000 years ago.

Within the City are the famous Finikoudes and MacKenzie beaches, Larnaca Castle, the salt lake with its pink flamingos and so much more.  Larnaca district is packed with treasures ranging from unspoilt beaches, vineyards, quaint villages and forest and mountain pathways.  There are special places in Larnaca for everyone, just come a see!


Larnaca Beaches

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When tourists think of the Mediterranean, they often think of a paradise of beautiful beaches and warm, crystal seas.  Larnaca delivers in abundance on this promise!  With miles of golden, sandy coastline just perfect for sunbathing and relaxing, and gentle waves lapping on the sand.  In addition, the shoreline shelves away very gently, so you can take a relaxed swim or paddle through the warm waters.

Within the city itself, the two most famous beaches are Finikoudes (Palm Tree) Beach and Mackenzie Beach. Finikoudes runs right along the shorefront of the city centre, with a beautiful promenade and numerous restaurants and cafes behind.  Just 2 km further west and you come to the ‘bohemian’ Mackenzie beach which is the place to be seen in the evenings with all its chic cafes and restaurants.

Further out, the beautiful beaches are strung along the Larnaca coastline like pearls on a necklace.  A wonderful example is the ‘secret’ Alaminos beach near the village of Pervolia.  It is concealed from sight and only accessible via a track off the road, but reveals a sandy paradise when you arrive!

Saint Lazarus Church
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Church of Saint Lazarus

The architecture of the beautiful Church of St Lazarus stand out in this picture-postcard square just a few hundred metres behind Finikoudes beach.  The church is believed in the orthodox church to be the final resting place of St Lazarus, who had earlier been resurrected from his deathbed. The church square is surrounded by numerous quintessential Cypriot cafes and restaurants.

Larnaca Medieval Castle
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The Medieval Castle

Standing at the western end of the famous Finikoudes beach, Larnaca’s medieval castle was originally built to protect the harbour.  Used for various purposes over the centuries, the castle now harbours many and varied antiquities from the region.  Step inside and learn more about Larnaca while enjoying a cool escape from the heat.

Zenobia Wreck Larnaca
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Zenobia Wreck

In June 180, the Swedish flagged roll-on, roll-off ferry, the Zenobia, foundered just 1.5 km outside Larnaca harbour.  When she sank the Zenobia was fully laden with over 100 trailers and trucks.  Resting on the seabed just 4o metres down, she is considered one of the top diving wrecks in the world, and can also be seen from glass bottomed boat trips out of Larnaca harbour.

Sinagogue Larnaca
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Until recently, Cyprus was the only European Union nation without a Synagogue.  In 2005 that changed when Cyprus opened its first Synagogue in Larnaca.  Built not far from the Church of St Lazarus, the synagogue is now the world’s closest functioning synagogue to Israel! Cyprus has seen a boom in tourism from Israel over the last 10 years, so we expect more Synagogues to spring up before too long!

Hala Sutan Tekke Larnaca
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Hala Sultan Tekke

Said my many to be the third most holy site in Islam, the Hala Sultan Tekke (or the Mosque of Umm Haram) sits serenely on the shore of Larnaca’s beautiful salt (Flamingo) lake.  Umm Haram, the ‘milk’ mother of the Prophet Mohammed, died here shortly after coming to Cyprus in the middle of the 7th century.  The Mosque and complex is built on her burial site and is visited by pilgrims from all over the world.

larnaca Salt-lake
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Salt Lake

Home to many thousands of Pink Flamingos during their epic migration, the flamingos stop off not only for a rest but also for their favourite delicacy of brine shrimps!  These are the largest species of flamingo and can stand up to 1.5m tall.  Stop anywhere around the lake between November and March and you are sure to see them feeding or standing asleep on one leg!